The Passion and Marian Sanctuary in Wejherowo


The Sanctuary is the 17th-century Franciscan monastery complex with the church (1648-1650) and the Calvary of Wejherowo, called the Kashubian Jerusalem (26 chapels). The Church quickly appreciated the importance of this Sanctuary granting numerous indulgences. From the very beginning of the Calvary’s existence there has been an uninterrupted pilgrimage movement. The oldest walking groups are from Oliwa (a district of Gdansk), Kościerzyna) Puck and Oksywie (a district of Gdynia). Today, several dozen pilgrim groups come to one of the Calvary’s church fairs.

The second treasure of the sanctuary besides the Calvary is the Miraculous Image of the Madonna of Wejherowo venerated as the Healer of the Sick in soul and body, which was crowned by St John Paul II in 1999 in Sopot. It is the only shrine in Kashubia crowned by the Pope. Because of the title attributed to Mary, a new name has been emerging in recent years to describe this place – the Kashubian Lourdes.


The Passion and Marian Sanctuary in Wejherowo
Reformatów 19
84 – 200 Wejherowo
phone: +48 58 672 17 55

Discover the history of the oldest pilgrimages to the Calvary of Wejherowo

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