Holy Trinity Parish Church in Kościerzyna


It is the largest and also the oldest church in the deanery. The first mention of the Koscierzyna parish dates back to 1210. In 1970, the Bishop of Chełmno, Kazimierz Kowalski, established a Marian sanctuary in this church. A new stage in the history of the sanctuary is connected with the assumption of the post of parish priest of the Ecclesiastical Parish Church by Father Marian Szczepiński, dean of the Ecclesiastical deanery. In 1997, he applied to the Bishop of Pelplin for the title of the Marian Sanctuary in Kościerzyna: Our Lady of Koscierzyna – Queen of Families. This request was granted. The ceremonial coronation of the image with the papal crowns took place in Koscierzyna on 16 May 1998. Numerous pilgrimages to the Sanctuary testify to the extraordinary veneration of the image.

In the chapel of the Immaculate Conception Sisters in Kościerzyna, Our Lady of Sorrows is especially venerated. This is mediated by the Gothic Pieta, a masterpiece of Pomeranian stone art from the 15th century. Both the circumstances of the sculpture’s creation and its first location are unknown. It is an unusual case in the history of the Church for there to be two shrines within one parish.


Holy Trinity Parish Church in Kościerzyna
Św. Jana Pawła II 1
83-400 Kościerzyna
phone: +48 58 686 26 50
email: sanktuarium.biuro@gmail.com

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